Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcome Oceanis

Mmmm, who can this possibly be?
It is none other than
Oceanis from Second Life.
Welcome to our wonderful Pico world Oceanis.
And standing next to him is MEEEEEE..... Sweets* just in case you had forgotten how I look like :P

SOOO, SOOO Sorry I haven't been on for a while :(((
You all have my permission to kick my little Pico butt for leaving you alone for so long.
All I ask is that you form one line and no pushing or cutting,  don't worry everyone will get their chance but PLEASE don't wear heavy boots :P

Let the butt kicking begin!

So what is the first thing I do when Oceanis steps foot in our Pico world?
I take him gambling of course :P Hey, I need to get him hooked on something so he won't run back to Second Life and what better way then to get him into the gambling fever, right?!
Still feeling like I REALLY need to impress the guy a little more with all this Ameba Pico thing, I take him to the Stone Age to meet our so loved Dino. However I had no luck there since we didn't get enough people to dance the Volcano Dance to make our Dino come out from his hiding place.  Anyways, how many people are needed for this, like 100 maybe?  Some people probably didn't have the dance to help us out or just simply refused to help like our friend ivix 123...

(15:00) Sweets*: plz dance
(15:00) ivix 123: no
(15:00) Sweets*: lol
(15:00) Sweets*: why not?
(15:00) Sweets*: lol
(15:00) Sweets*: help us out plz 

Ok.... nooo because you don't have the dance
you are being shy?

No need to be shy around Sweets*, don't you know I am the biggest goofball in the history of Ameba Pico?

Anyways, others just decided to ignore my plea for help and kept away.... as far away from me as they could, doing their own thing.... sleeping LOL :P

(15:04) мαχı яø¢κš : camp fire!!!
(15:05) мαχı яø¢κš : me love camp fires
(15:05) мαχı яø¢κš : uke uke
(15:06) мαχı яø¢κš : taka weke
(15:06) мαχı яø¢κš : yumas luv outa pee pee
(15:07) мαχı яø¢κš : me gobak to home and sleep
(15:07) мαχı яø¢κš : zzzzzzzz

 From there we went to the Space Center where I saw WAFFLES. OMG now I am hungry :(

I am off to Ihop to order me a big stack of waffles.
and btw, I think my plan with Oceanis worked, he just expanded his room and is busy at decorating it so I better not stand in his way.

Adios my beautifuls, lots of love from your Sweets* <3333 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Games

As we all may know or (may not know) That these few weeks are the olympic games. So I would like to just give everyone a little good luck participating and, Good luck team U.S.A.

And also, say a little prayer to all the family, friends, and victims of the Colorado shooting!