Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Done with the old
Now with the new

Great news Pico Perfect fans! Now that I finally finished posting copies of all my articles from PicoStyle, from this point on only new material will be posted. I will try my best to post daily for you.

My good friend Catero was so kind to suggest that I share with you all my previous work. He knows better than anyone else how much love and dedication went into each of my articles and knows how special they are to me.

Starting this blog is new to me, and although I am very excited with my new project, I can’t help feel lonely. At PicoStyle, life was different. There was always so much fun going on at all times with my PicoStyle family. Here in my little new office, its just me and my computer, and I realize how much I miss my PicoStyle family.

Gosh, I bet you can almost hear the violin music in the background…..I am such a martyr. At least that’s what Catero always tells me, maybe when I die the Catholic church will canonized me as "Saint sweet_mom, patron of sweetness"….hey…..that sounds pretty good to me...OK CATERO? :-p

Anyways, I am ready and looking forward to give it my best for you my readers and hope that you enjoy my Pico perfect blog!
Take care and have a wonderful Pico Day!

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