Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My secret Garden ❀

I will be bringing to you some of the best rooms I see during the week every Tuesday. However, for the first room I would like to show you My secret garden.

I love nature and that was my inspiration in decorating this room. I get to sleep under the stars every night!

One of the best features in my garden is the talking tree that grew there, LOL , just kidding. The tree is the perfect place for Catero and ![[Cholo]]! to hide so they can scare me when I walk in.

My good friend chikemuri loves my room. She describes it as mellow, she says it gives her a sense of tranquility and that it’s the perfect place to have a tea party.

Since I enjoy my friend Chikemuri’s company so much, I decided that why not invite her over for a cup of tea to celebrate my new Pico Perfect Blog and offer her to join me as a guest blogger…. she said she would think about it, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

After our cup of tea, we talked for hours about what else but…..boys, fashion , love, life and did I mention boys, oh yes… and the weather. It’s always so nice when she stops by, I just hope to see more of her more often.

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