Sunday, October 31, 2010


Aloha! I finally got to go to Hawaii with my husband, mr. bibo, to the honeymoon we never had. We visited Sunset Beach and spent a wonderful day together :)

Once there we came out with the great idea of creating this game for you, like a "search and find" game. Below are the things you must find in the picture above, and at the end of this post we have the answers for you.

These are the 18 things to look for. You might want to head to Sunset Beach to have a better look in finding them. GOOD LUCK ;)

In the meantime let me tell you about our little vacation. Mr. bibo earned his star plus 150 gummies for watching the Fire Dancers dance on the deck. He was so excited that we decided to join them :)

The beautiful Kiana invited us to join her on the Hula Dance.
She swayed her hips so gently I realized I really needed to get some Hula Dance classes for our next visit.

We order some Pinneapple juices from our friend Jodie. When she brought us our juices I couldn't believe it, they were served inside half of a fresh pineapple and decorated with two slices of orange and a flower. They looked sooo pretty :)

We head for the chairs under the umbrellas. The breeze felt refreshing on my face and the sound of the waves made our moment together so romantic.

We heard the Fire Dance music again so we decided to sit closer on the deck. I ended up getting slightly kissed by the sun again. My new tan is not as dark as my last one though :(

After spending all day long together in beautiful Hawaii, it was time to head back home. Though we were tired, this day would be a day to always remember.

BTW; This is mr. bibos room. Isn't it cozy ;)
One of his new fans (A GIRL) left him balloons. He is getting his own fans!

Here are the answers for you :)

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