Monday, October 11, 2010

Cat Goes Big

WOW! Catero finally goes big ;D

Today when I went to check on Verona, Catero's cute puppy, I went into shock. He finally expended his room! Now it's big enough to chase each other when we want to kick each others butt... LOL.

Verona always seems to be happy when she sees me, maybe she's just soooo used to seeing me there all the time, that she thinks I am part of the family :D

And every time she sees me, she seems to be hungry... so I'm always feeding her, and than Catero wonders why she is getting so big...LOL..."OUR LITTLE SECRET, OK VERONA?" ;D

BTW...My beautiful tan went away,so Catero, if you want me to get it back, you need to take me to Hawaii.

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