Thursday, October 28, 2010

icai ^_^

Hello my dear Picos, meet icai ^_^, one of my newest buddies. She is a very sweet young lady that really knows how to be a friend even if she had just met you a few minutes before.

My friend ![[ChOl0]]! introduced us. He said that her and I should talk and then left very mysteriously...

Once alone we started talking and that's when I realized we both were going through the same thing. We both had lost our best friend that week (Thankfully mine is bACK =)... I realy hope hers is too) And though we shared the same pain, we tried to encourage each other to be strong.

I know there were many tears shed during our conversation from both of us, but just knowing that we were there for each other helped us both alot.

You see my Picos, this is what caring for another human is all about, putting your problems and sadness aside to help someone else that might be needing a kind word or just someone to listen to them.

I know icai ^_^'s kindness helped me alot that day. I hope I did the same for her.

Once my new friend left, I was left behind feeling much better, thats when my cute Picolly came up to me and gave me the biggest kiss a turtle can give.....MWWAAAH!

On the other hand, Mr. Tickles has been acting very strangly lately, he seems to enjoy being on fire all the time, I wonder why!

And its not the first time I catch him doing this. He's done it numerous times before. No wonder it always smells like HOTDOG in my room.

BTW This is my new Halloween decorated room. Sometimes it gets very crowded with all the balloons and candles left for me by my fans and friends, which I love sooo much. A million Thanks =)

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