Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Explosions In The Sky

This amazing room was discovered by my dear husband mr.bibo.

The AMAZING CREATIVITY of our friend Nirvana has placed her on top of the list as #1 on the HOT 30 ROOMS in Pico.

As you enter her room you will be overwhelmed by the EXPLOSION of different shades of PINK that make this room look like a big

Our creative friend Nirvana describes her creation as "Music, water, beach, clouds, sky, flowers, sun, lights, rocks, stars, hearts, nature, peace & love."

With such an EXPLOTION of creativity , one can only be captured by the sweet magic that surrounds the whole room.

It's inviting atmosphere will take you into an expirience like no other of pure joy!

Relaxing different areas throughout the room are easily found where you can sit and kick back while letting your troubles vanished after a hard day.

LOVE in the sweetest pink color can be felt all around you almost making you feel like you are in a land of fairies.

At the very top of this AMAZING CREATION you will find an angel heart which will take you into a journey of sweet dreams and emotions.

As you jump into the clear, refreshing water, your whole soul seems to be cleaned by any worry or sadness you might had been carrying in your heart.

One thing is for sure, once you enter this WONDERFUL room it is very hard to leave, for its beauty will captivate you to the point of wanting to stay there forever.

Thank you Nirvana for this AMAZING room... we love you!

These are Nirvana's three lovely pets, Pink Floyd, Muse and Peace.

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