Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This week I bring to you GIRA's room, absolutely a great creation!
Now he is at the top as #1 on the HOT 30 ROOMS in Pico.


As you enter his room, you will immediately find that his amazing creation doesn't stop at the top floor, but goes beyond with an explosion of colorful balloons that make his sky look like a rainbow of colors =)

You will find excited Picos enjoying a wonderful display of colors everywhere. This time I will introduce to you some of the people I met during my visit :)

In order to get to the beautiful garden, you must make your way through the house.

Different sitting areas are available where you can sit and relax and get to met friendly Picos and drink some tea.

There are two sets of swings where you can swing and enjoy the cool breeze under the colorful sky.

OMG!!! While I was there, our friend ♥キラキラギャル♥ was visiting GIRA's room too in her new car. It was sooo PINK, sooo SHINY and sooo PRETTY =)

As you make your way to the second floor, you will find a cozy resting area where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful view below.

Now once you reach the top you can enjoy riding his spaceship that flies around the colorful sky.

Our friend ♫♪♡lórrä¿nê♡♪♫ decided to get on the spaceship while I was trying to get in it.

There's also a blue airplane and behind it a floating apple as extra sitting space.

And finally, we get to the swimming pool where you can jump in after having fun exploring GIRA'S room.

Thank you GIRA for sharing your AMAZING COLORFUL room with us!

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