Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mingle With My Picos

What a great day it was... look who I met this time :)

maikoko is my Pico of the day! This girl REALLY loves to dance. We danced and danced like there was no tomorrow.

The very handsome Pringles 品客先生 stole my heart away...LOL... jk mr. bibo.
He's got all the dancing moves and great style.

Ok! what's going on here? Our friend nichie24 looks like a man but underneath that face hides a beautiful girl, if you don't believe me search for her profile and see for yourselves ;)

ハルトラ7 (???name???) was the most cheerful Pico I bumped into today. Everywhere she went rays of fun and joy would blind you :) Truly a great friend to take all your worries away.

Poor Bule_Potan, she was looking for her mommy and couldn't find her. She was so scared she just started crying so I joined her :(

" :O Where are your clothes Barby Vampire, you are going to catch a cold".

Welcome to Pico StellaJJ, Hope you have a great time and make a million friends =)

Don't they make a great couple our friends Kuna@zara and Kaname sLitz. I loooove their style, which I had the gutz to try it.

Cutie picotutie Bone Chan was so cool to everyone around her. She would greet everyone that crossed her path... that's my girl...friendly and polite =)

And finally my good (@)NEWMAN(@), what attracted me from him was his profile, " NO FIGHTS! NO WARS", but funny thing happened, as soon as I got closed he started FIGHTING.... LOL... I am confused :P

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