Monday, November 8, 2010

Mingle With My Picos

Before I start introducing you to my new friends I wanted to share this beautiful picture with you. The other day when I logged into Pico my three pets Picolly, Mr. Tickles and Oreo were waiting for me in a straight line. Aren't they just sooo ADORABLE =)

The Pico of the day is cutie picotutie •мac™! I met him during an event. When I clicked on his profile and noticed he is from Mexico, I just had to talk to him. I just loooove Mexico, my mother's birth place =)

Now poor WXZ, I meet him at another event, the poor guy had to put up with CRAZY sweet_mom. I forgot to take my medication and I was going bunkers all around him...LOL...just kidding ;)

I went to ring this beautiful Pico's home, she greeted me so kindly and made me feel very welcomed. Wish I had gotten to know her better, she seemed so sweet :)

Our friend ★ 葵 ★ not only does he have the BAD BOY'S LOOK but also the attitude. Still you can't help feeling attracted to him ;)


Our Lovely Juliet♫ so cute and sweet has a BEAUTIFUL room. PLease visit her and ring her bell, she'll love that :)

Now this cutie picotutie has the SWEETEST face I have seen, she just melts your heart away!

I went to visit our friend Viiiew yesterday. It seems she hasn't been around Pico at all :( Her profile shows she only has only 1 BUDDY :( Come on girl, you are missing out on alot of fun...we are waiting for you =)

♥SwitPotato♥ has a gorgeous little room, as sweet as her. But don't just stop at the first floor, though the room is small she has four floors. When you visit her don't forget to ring her bell :)

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