Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mingle With My Picos

Thursday is here... we are so close to the weekend and I can't wait!!!

My Pico of the day is ◦Souta•!

She is an ADORABLE young lady that I met at Beginner's Plaza. I saw her dancing by herself and decided to join her. We actually spent an extended period of time dancing and just having fun. If you ever bump into her, don't hesitate to approach her... she is SUPER nice and very friendly :)

Our friend

Cutie Picotutie modelmaker is a newbie to Pico. I went to his room to welcome him and since he didn't have any furniture yet we sat on the floor, I gave him some information that hopefully will be helpful to him, in return he fed me apples... yummy!

Our friend *kRISS* has such a beautiful smile that can actually brighten any place she walks in. She must have heard somewhere that people are always feeding me, because as soon as she saw me, she started sharing her food with me... "THANK YOU SOOO MUCH"

Soudanshi is a friend that comes to us from Ameba Pigg and though his profile says he is not looking for any buddies at this time, when I went up to him to say hi, He was super friendly to me :) I hope he decides to stay here in Pico and starts adding kind Picos to his Buddy List... because we are AWESOME!!!

I looove to met QUEENS, PRINCESSES, ROYALTY, you name it, so when I saw ~*ICEQUEEN*~ at an event couldn't help it being drawn to her and taking her picture. Isn't she pretty?

Now cutie picotutie Moustache~ is the man and he is from CHILE, that means he speaks spanish...YAY!!! We talked for a while after an event we both attended and took a picture of us together. I love his look, especially his mustache.. LOL.



This is my beautiful dear friend Rayna Skye and I visiting one of our very dear friend's room. Everytime I would visit "THIS" friend, I loooved jumping on his bed, maybe that's why he kicked me out from his room :O
LOL...JK :)

This beautiful young lady, is a follower of my PICO PERFECT Blog and stopped by my room to let me know she is a big fan of mine :) "Thank you sooo much, I am very flattered :)"


Our good friend Destinee <3 ☆ from picofashion blog held a swimming event where she so kindly invited me to attend, of course I couldn't say no to such sweet girl :) I was accompanied by my good friend [[ChOl0]]!.  We had a great time!

Til tomorrow , Have a great Thursday and don't forget to smile :)


  1. Very Nice Blogg!!
    I hope see you again

    Nice pictures!


  2. yes yes SOUTAAA very cute.

    our proud heart cat :)

  3. lol so u r a pico journalist..kkkk

    what a cute blog. good job!