Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mingle With My Picos


Today I am not only happy because I am sitting on an enormous diamond but because I get to spend the day with my kids. Having my kids home from school on the weekends are the happiest days of the week for me =)

Now let start with the WONDERFUL people I met.

MY Pico of the day is Bam!

This picture with Bam is very special to me. I rang Bam's room randomly one time months ago, and since that day he has rung my room EVERYDAY :) He has never missed a day. We had never met before and I always wanted to thank him personally for such great gestures. So the day finally came, unfortunataly Bam does not speak much english., I just hope he understood my gratitude to him :)

Now who is this big baby? :). I don't understand what ネ申さま[kamisama] 's prifile says, I just know he looks sooo darn adorable that makes me want to pinch those chicks... LOL.

Beautiful bingba taught me a good lesson. After we had talked for a while, I asked her if she would take a picture with me for my blog, she happily accepted. But when I started using one of my "bought" actions, she sadly said she didn't have any, but that she could use the "JOY" one.

Notice how beautiful this picture looks and no fancy actions were used. Sometimes the simple things in life are the most beautiful ones:)

Picoћontas was the quietest Pico I met for the day, I tried and tried to get a word out of her, but NOTHING :( Maybe she didn't understand me but at least she didn't run away like many Picos do when I aproach them. I still think she looks adorable!

I went to ♫大砲We!rdo♫☆炎立☆'s room for an event he was having and let me tell you, his room is AMAZING... OMG, you should check it out. I still can't believe it is not on the top 30 HOT ROOMS in Pico.

☆*。Monkey ☆*。''s beautiful green eyes attracted me like a magnet.
I saw him at Beginner's Plaza, but I still can't figure out where he was coming from... it was either from The Statue Of Liberty in New York or The Stone Age?

I wish I had my sunglasses on when I met our friend Old Buddha. His head was sooo shiny it would blind you... LOL. The first thing he asked me was if I liked his hair and when I replied "What hair?" he argued with me that he did have hair. If you ever bump into him, my advice to you is don't even think mentioning he's got a bald head... LOL...."Love you Old Buddha :)"

Finally, let's welcome Dhanie QiuBee and onur29 to our Pico world.
Please take a couple of minutes to visit their rooms and leave them a message and food or balloon :)

Til next time, go out and do something WONDERFUL today!


  1. thx 4 sweet_mom


  2. :D Haha! I always ring Bam's room too! He ALWAYS rings back.