Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mingle With My Picos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Letting go of someone that we still love or care for is always devastating. Our hearts are not ready but the circumstances force us into an unwanted goodbye.
We are left with feelings that we do not know what to do with them. And we feel cheated and abandoned.
But really is it worth holding on when there is nothing left to hold on too?
What if we are the ONLY ones that want to keep holding on when in reality the other person has moved on and their heart is no longer beating for us...then what?
This is the time when we must love ourselves more than ever. We deserve someone that is really there for us 100%.
We can NOT force someone to stay if they are no longer happy with us. It is not fair for them or for us.
Be strong and just let them go...

My Pico of the day is ◄¢►ʇ,ǝɔuıʌ◄¢► from Pico Friends Blog !

This Cutie Picotuties is one of my sweetest friends. I SUPER love him with ALL MY HEART He has always been kind, friendly, and sweet to me since DAY ONE. Please visit his blog and you'll see what a WONDERFUL job he is doing. And PLEASE don't forget to sign in :)

I was sooo HAPPY when yesterday our good friend ~RootBeery~  from My Amazing Blog :D came to visit me. We've been keeping in touch by letters only and we had never met before. Finally meeting was a GREAT moment for both of us. Please visit her new Pico Blog and don't forget to sign in :)

Now I really thought that I could dance and dance NONSTOP, but мг.іпdгакесі proved to me that when it comes to dancing nonstop, HE IS REALLY #1. When I left Beginner's Plaza and took a last look back at this SILLY boy, he was STILL dancing... OMG! ♪♬

Cutie Picotutie RICOTHO was feeling left out :(  You see, I had taken a picture of one of his friends so I thought it would be a GREAT idea to add him to one of my posts to make it up to him. When I called him to meet me at The Flea Market for the picture, he was in the middle of a Reversi Game and though he hurried so he wouldn't keep me waiting long, HE WON...YAY!

OMG, doesn't positive-kanna  look sooo CUTE and ADORABLE. She was just sitting there on the grass so pretty that at first I had mistaken her for a little PINK flower.

"Hey Fakabakax3, I thought the captain from the PIRATE SHIP was only sending roses to the LOVELY Lily."

This bundle of joy is no other than our ¤ §«£mily¤ §. She is another Pico that can actually sprinkle joy into your day just by looking at her.

Finally these two lovely girls stopped by to say hi. I had never met  ♡¢αηdy ¢øяη♡™ before, so I was glad when she stopped by and we got to know each other better. Now my girl SpecialPico<3 and I are swimming buddies. BTW, she brought me CHEESE to eat.....YUMMY!

Til tomorrow, let us learn how to love ourselves better, because WE DESERVE THE BEST!

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