Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Riverside Sozhou

One of my favorite places here in Pico has to be the suburban area in Riverside Sozhou in China.

It is a very romantic place to take your loved one, and the best thing is that its always isolated from big crowds. You can actually have some kind of privacy maybe just by a few visitors that will show up once in a while.

This was the place I have always wanted to visit accompanied by my love...

With a serene environment of rivers and pavilions and breathtaking scenery, you can breath romance in every corner.

An old Chinese proverb says that Suzhou is "paradise on earth".

Kun opera, Pingtan, (a form of storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect) and playing the Guzheng (a Chinese zither with 25 strings) are traditional cultural arts of Suzhou and part of daily life.

There are many tea houses in Suzhou because drinking tea is an important custom in the area. A tea house is a great place to sip a cup of tea and rest after a day of excursions.

Traditional old houses along the river make this area mysteriously enchanting.

It was time for me and my love to take a stroll down the Sozhue River...

The city of Suzhou is situated along the Grand Canal. This can be a nice way to leave the city on your way to Shanghai.

再见朋友 (goodbye my friend)

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