Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rooms SWEET Rooms

(ROOM SIZE 16x16)

Our friend  Chicken Katsu' s room seems like the perfect place to design the wings for BUTTERFLIES. As I was leaving I noticed a few butterflies busy mending old clouds in the sky...
OH, what a BEAUTIFUL sight :)

(ROOM SIZE 12x12)

۞Comander۞Syaz 's room looks like COTTON~CANDY cozy home.

(ROOM SIZE 16x16)

My good friend spydee and I go waaaaay back so I was so glad to hear from him again. When I visited his room I was overwhelmed by its beauty. I see my friend has been keeping himself busy weaving meadows in his room. GREAT JOB!


Beautiful, almost like a GINGERBREAD HOUSE :)

I feel like traveling the PICO OCEAN!

Ducky jump in with me :P

Sliding down the waterfall.

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  1. Those are gorgeous rooms! c:
    I've always wanted to make structures out of blocks, but I can't handle the cost. They're amazing!