Friday, December 24, 2010



Sweet little baby Jesus,
tonight when the stars in the sky
serenely beam,
shining brighter,
and the world rejoices
by your glorious birth
My only wish is to see your face,
For there is no other ONE more beautiful than you.

I have no fine gifts to give you
But I do have a heart full of love,
I have my arms to hold you
and rock you until you fall asleep.
I have my voice to sing to you,
And if for some reason you would cry,
My hands will wipe away your tears
and I would put them in my heart.

At this very moment
I am preparing my heart
I want it clean to be worthy of you.
May your birth , light up the faith in me
In more intense proportion.
And may my ears be able to hear the angels sing
When they start singing sweet hymns for you.

My heart is glowing with the anticipation of tonight.
To look up at the sky
in search of the brightest star
And feel near and close to you
When you are finally with us.

I love you my dear baby Jesus,
For you are what Christmas is really all about :)

WRITTEN BY sweet_mom

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