Friday, December 24, 2010

░ sweet_mom's
ChRiStMaS Tree ░

Merry Christmas my BEAUTIFUL Picos!

This is my LAST Christmas Tree for this year. Since this is my last, I have BEAUTIFULY decorated it with VERY SPECIAL PICOS :)  These are the Picos whom I have a VERY STRONG connection with. They are very dear to my HEART and each and everyone of them, holds a very special place in my heart. I love them equally for they are ALL equally special to me ;)

However, there is ONE that holds the STAR in my Last Christmas Tree...
my DEAR and SWEET CATERO from Picostyle Blog.
He's not only the star on my tree, but he is the star in my Heart!

Catero (from Canada)  Bam (from Japan) @[[ChOl0][FGO]  (from Indonesia)
Dark Love ۣۜ (from USA)  asuka~ (from Malaysia)
chikemuri (from The United States Of America) #1KISSFan (from USA)
@nom2 (from The United States Of America)  Ora18☎ (from USA)
Peggy Hill (from USA) Gem Rock (from Canada) Pinkerton (from USA)
[PFF] ♫Vince♫ (from The Philippines) ◕ܫ◕Ver☆nica◕ܫ◕ (from USA)
el jenno (from USA) Natalie;* (from USA) Froofybutt(from USA)
Mariiko (from Mexico) Belpeghor Kato (from Mexico)
м.α. яєαρѕ (from The Philippines)

Thanks to all my other Picos that so beautifully decorated all my Christmas Trees... LoVe YoU

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