Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eure!ka's Blog

After a looong time of not hearing from my good  friend ♡E U R ! K A ♡, I finally get a letter from her informing me she has a new blog... YAY, what wonderful news! She even got to take a picture of me at the skating rink while I was AFK... I had NO ;)

She so kindly posted this picture of in her Eure!ka's Blog. Make sure you visit it and PLEASE don't forget to sign in!


  1. Hi sweet_mom!

    thanks for making my post for you in your blog and btw nice outfit there on the pic forgot to write that on your post and thanks again and love your blog! and pls follow my blog and can you add me please? im a huge fan of your blog! :))))))

    With care and love,

  2. awe zylem and dark love r there :D