Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Yesterday VERY early in the morning I met with my good friend [♥]Breezy[♥]. But really, tell me who doesn't know her already, She is an AMAZING Pico blogger and owner of the very popular .::Pop Pico!::. Blog.

We were so happy to see each other that we decided to have an early breakfast together at DREAM GARDEN PARK. I am always so happy when I meet with fellow bloggers and its even better when they are my friends.

My good friend  has ALWAYS shown me her support and made me feel VERY WELCOMED to the world of blogging when I decided to go SOLO. She has ALWAYS been by my side and always sends me beautiful letters that fill my spirit with joy.

We spent a great time together sharing things about our blogs among other great topics we touched. Of course all of this after I had at least five cups of coffee to help me wake up....I LOOOVE a cup of coffee every morning. Especially the way my dear husband prepares it for me. "LOVE YOU HONEY ;) "

My beautiful  [♥]Breezy[♥] its not only a KIND and SWEET friend, but I know it deep in my heart she is genuinely happy for me for how my blog is going. She is truly an AMAZING FRIEND....LoVe YoU

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  1. I've never had such nice things said about me... ♥
    I had so much fun and I cannot wait to meet up with you again. I'm so thankful to be your friend, sweet_mom! ♥