Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mingle With My Picos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Last night, as night set over my valley,
I realized that I had not taken at least one single minute during the whole day
to stop, close my eyes and breath deeply.
That is when I felt the tiredness that I had been so foolishly ignoring
and from that moment on
I felt how all my energy slowly slipped out of my body.
My body so angry at me for not giving it a break,
firmly demanded for me too stop....
Even my thought felt exhausted.
Not a single part of my body complied to my demand
to continue with the daily chores.
I was so tired....
I tried to encourage my body to continue
But my body had given up for the day.
I was so tired....

My Picos Of The Day Areアン-アンfrom Japan and  Sasha_Woll from Russian Federation!

Yes you heard me right :) This is the first time I pick two WONDERFUL Picos.

I met these two ADORABLE girls at Bahasa Park and was very touched by their kindness. They treated me very sweetly and it seemed they were taking turns feeding me.

GIRLS... I Love you, Never lose your kindness to others ;)

Ok, who should be laughing at who? I just fell asleep at Bahasa Park, but who is the one wearing the SILLY pink socks? :P

Our friend aKi_ImoeT from Republic Of Korea thought it was very funny that I had fallen asleep. But you have to understand, I'm always on the run so every little opportunity I get, I take a well needed nap.

I tell you, don't let appearances fool you!  You see our friend
Mamat..!!Wkwkw from Seychelles, well, he looked  MEAN and TOUGH but once I got to know him better, I realised I couldn't be more wrong.

After we chat for a while at Bahasa Park, I discovered a very sweet and friendly guy under all that HARD LOOK ;) Thank you Mamat..!!Wkwkw for treating me so nicely.

Poor baby,  barbi sexy εїзfrom Chile seemed so sad, that it broke my heart. I honestly belive she was sad for REALS. I tried to talk to her, but every time she would just give me a :(  (sad face)  for an answer.  When I realized I did not know how to console her, I shed a tear :(

Til tomorrow, RESPECT YOUR BODY, don't overwork it like I did....STOP, CLOSE YOUR EYES and BREATH DEEPLY at least for a couple of minutes between chores  everyday :)

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  1. Hallo..!!
    I am very flattered by what you say about me ..!
    and for that, I said "thank you ..!"

    To appreciate you, so I decided to
    follow your blog ..!

    And how good you are, this blog my good grades


    Mamat ..! Wkwkw

    Have A nice day..!!