Wednesday, December 15, 2010

sweet_mom's Fashions

Fashion... fashion.... now who doesn't like to look good?
EVERYONE wants to look their BEST at ALL TIMES!
Being happy with the way we look, makes us feel more secure about ourselves even here in Pico.

As I stated before, my  HOLY NIGHT'S CRYSTAL WHITE OUTFIT is now my favorite dress, and for what I can tell, also MANY other girls too. This gorgeous dress can instantly turn even a BROOM into a PRINCESS :) Wearing it, seems to bring out a brighter smile in all our faces and our eyes seem to sparkle with ROYAL BEAUTY....

This time, I decided to change the sweet look a little by adding my SHOU"S JACKET and the GOTHIC BLACK HAT.  Also noticed how I am wearing two different pairs of earrings (Floral Designed Pierced and Blue Pearl Earrings).

The final result... CLASSY!!!

My beautiful chocolaty girl Sigaroi is wearing  most pieces that were given to us when we enter PICO. However, she very creatively mixed and match her outfit so perfectly that she looks STUNNING ;)

Here's A Look That Is Green Perfection :)

Cutie Picotutie นู๋_หลังŁขา ® looks sooo ADORABLE in her LEMONY/SUGARY outfit. You can tell she very carefully thought about every piece of clothing she is wearing. Everything goes PERFECTLY together.

OMG J alexander looks AMAZING in her yellow dress , notice how she color coordinated every piece of her outfit down to her lipstick ;) She surly is GLOWING in beauty!

Remember that looking good means loving yourself !

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