Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mingle With My Picos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

OH how I wish I could reach the Heaven above,
for at least a mere second,
and play in the ANGELS PLAYGROUND
while chasing butterflies!
Breath the lovely fragrance of delicate flowers blooming,
while stitching together beautiful memories
on a white blanket,
so I can cover myself with it every night
to keep me warm and cozy.
Collect all the love from my friends
and sew them together with thread of gold,
so I can wear them around my heart
and never feel lonely.
And just before leaving this glorious place,
cut pieces from the moon and stars
and give each friend a piece of them,
so they can all feel my love.

WRITTEN BY sweet_mom

My Pico Of The Day Is Myra Dradjat  from Indonesia! 

Sweet Myra Dradjat  approached me at Beginner's Plaza to let me know that she is a HUGE PICO PERFECT fan. However, she excused herself right away with the MOST BEAUTIFUL reason... she was going to PRAY.


When I saw our friends K e и  s y   and  Blaze199 standing side by side at Beginner's Plaza, they reminded me of the Little Red Ridinhood and the Big Wolf.... YIKES!

A friends LAUGHTER is MUSIC for our HEARTS!

OH what a BEAUTIFUL CHOCOLATELY cupcake! When I saw
蛋糕 ~♥ sitting alone, I immediately joined her. But she was sooo SHY that when I sat next to her, she BLUSHED ;)

FRIENDS are the STARS in our SKY.

Aude Yuu 天野 is sooo FUNNY, her jokes made me drop to the ground laughing... LOL :P

A GOOD FRIEND will do ANYTHING to put a SMILE on your face!

Averill truly looks like an ANGEL with HEAVENLY EYES!
I hope that those LOVELY eyes of hers,  only see the BEAUTY of this world.

GOOD FRIENDS see you with their HEART,  not with their EYES!

Til tomorrow, CLIMB the ladder of DREAMS and do not stop, JUST KEEP GOING :)

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