Monday, December 20, 2010

░ sweet_mom's
ChRiStMaS Tree ░

Today's CHRISTMAS TREE was beautifully decorated by my following Picos...

micamica (from Japan)   mPok_NoName (from Qatar)  
Sushi (From Germany)  Bunanoki (from Spain)   みかりんこ(from Japan)  
Miss.克(from Canada)  C а я я o т ™ (from Bermuda
HanaConstance (from Hong Kong)   Nanabo (from Zambia)  
Hermione.....G (from Philippines)  yinsi HILTON (Puerto Rico) 
myrthen (from Brazil)  ㊙ジャクソン • JR •  (from Singapore)
glog  (from Indonesia)  chikemuri (from The United States Of America)

BTW: Some Picos May Be Featured On My Trees More Than One Time.

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