Monday, December 20, 2010

Why... Why Me :(

Ok, this is what happened yesterday, TRUE STORY!
I get to my room ALL HAPPY because earlier yesterday, I had the MOST WONDERFUL VISIT from my SWEET ANGEL, little did I know that my PICO WORLD would be turning upside down in a matter of minutes...

I get a visit from three young girls letting me know about this new Xmas Skate Rink Park that had just opened. Immediately I decide to go and check it out!

Of course THIS new park was AMAZING, but soon I realized that I was COMPLETELY BROKE :(
My Pico wallet was completely empty. I needed AG PRONTO to get the items needed in order to TRULY ENJOY this park.

I try so desperately to MAYBE sweet talk GACHA into giving me a TOKEN to get at least the skates. After spending all my 2500 gummies in useless tries, I was left even MORE broke.
I cried and cried  for my sad misfortune and people around me just stood there LAUGHING at poor me :(

I just couldn't believe my luck!
A day before I had spent ALL the AMEBA GOLD I had left, and now I wish Pico Shops would accept returns on items, but THEY DON'T >:(

All I wanted to do was skate, IS THAT SO WRONG???

My SADNESS turned into ANGER when I realized I had to wait till THURSDAY to get AG. IT'S JUST NOT FAIR!

1. We can NOT ALWAYS get what we want in life... and IT'S OK, it's NOT the END OF THE WORLD.
2. We have to LEARN to WAIT. Sometimes the things we want might take longer to come but it's OK, it's still NOT the END OF THE WORLD.
3. There are OTHER things more IMPORTANT in LIFE than materialistic things.
For example.... my SWEET ANGELS wonderful visit beats ANYTHING else I can get in PICO ;)



  1. I know, right? D:
    The terrible thing is that I was like "Wait to spend your token on something worth it."
    But later that day, I spent it on an action I've wanted for awhile...and hour later this came out!!