Monday, December 20, 2010


I have discovered the MOST TOUCHING words in my CHAT HISTORY window when I am AFK (away from keyboard).

Many WONDERFUL friends visit me on a daily basis, UNFORTUNATELY, many times I am not available to make them feel WELCOME. This is due to being VERY busy with my blog work or house chores. I am a housewife, so everyday I stay logged in to Pico, but most of the time I am attending to my family and my home.

But EVERY time I come back to continue with my work for the blog, I DO check my CHAT HISTORY WINDOW to see who has visited me and I have discovered AMAZING words left behind.

I have decided to bring a new thing to the blog called "WHILE I WAS AWAY!", where I will be posting all the SWEET and FUNNY chats left behind while I was AFK.


My sweet ~LittleCara~ visited me on this day but couldn't wait for me, you see, sometimes MANY MINUTES will pass by before I return. Do not worry, on my return, I DID send her an apology letter :)


Once again my sweet ~LittleCara~decides to visit me, and AGAIN I am AFK :(  This time, when I come back, I find myself surrounded by SWEET DELICIOUS GINGERBREAD COOKIES. I made sure I sent her a THANK YOU letter before I enjoyed my sweet treats ;)

Now, THIS is one of the MOST touching chats I have read. Many times what I read, leaves a profound impact in my HEARTCristinaApple visits me on this day, and I am not there to welcome her which I enormously REGRET :(  She waits for me, and to tell you the truth I have NO IDEA for how long. Unfortunately, when I returned she was already gone. After reading her CHAT HISTORY I was sooo deeply touched that I shed a tear.

Finally, my CRAZY  ܫVernicaܫ left me this CHAT HISTORY, just to let me know HOW MUCH SHE LOVES ME!
Silly girl, I LOVE YOU this much...

To my three SWEET girls ~LittleCara~,CristinaApple  and 
ܫVernicaܫ◕, my HUMBLE HEART holds sooo much LOVE for you

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