Monday, December 20, 2010

Mingle With My Picos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

If you ask my family, they will tell you that "I LAUGH AT EVERYTHING"!

I find HUMOR in most things that happen through my day. Things that most people wouldn't even consider funny, I USUALLY find them HILARIOUS :D Jokes that my son and daughter think are dull, WILL make me drop to the floor LAUGHING!

Comedy movies are a NIGHTMARE for my family if they watch them with me.
You can just imagine why!

When I am logged into Pico and chatting with some of my friends, MANY times, my husband has to come into the room to settle me down because they can hear my all over the house of how HARD I am LAUGHING!

I LOVE TO LAUGH ❤!LAUGHTER is a BIG PART of my personality. And though I struggle with depression, fairly I can say now, LAUGHTER IS 90% of my life, and the other 10% will be the "OTHER"!

My Pico Of The Day Is ⓟⓤⓢⓐⓒⓐⓣ!

When I bumped into this CUTIE PICOTUTIE at an event, she IMMEDIATELY aproached me to let me know that she is nom2 and  @[[ChOl0][FGO]'s PICO DAUGHTER.

And many of you know that I am nom2 and @[[ChOl0][FGO]'s NINANG (godmother).
This POOR baby was feeling SAD since her PICO PARENTS haven't been around Pico that much due to their BUSY SCHEDULES :(

Don't worry sweetie, they'll be back VERY soon ;)

WHAT??? A PRINCESS wants to meet me... what an HONOR!

When my good friend  ܫVernicaܫsaid their was someone eager to meet me, I couldn't believe it. ROYALTY, and that is what this sweet girl is.

Now meeting with  PRINCESS SARAHwas such a HAPPY event, that we decided to get more friends and join us! IT WAS SOOO MUCH FUN!

Til tomorrow, remember that its BETTER to LAUGH than CRY. LAUGHTER makes us look PRETTIER ;)


  1. HAHAA.. thx so much ur amazing sweet_mom haha i changed my name to Vegemite on pico !! But dont worry thx sooooooo so much. xoxox

  2. ...Well that's a gorgeous picture of me. xD