Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Own Animal Rights Activist

Meet によによ! She is the voice for all Pico pets that are being starved and neglected by their owners.

She shows genuine concern for all those pets that are walking around with the STARVING hungry and uneasy signs on top of their heads.

When I asked her to come on over to my room in order to take her picture, her first and main concern as she arrived was to make sure my three pets had been fed  and paid special attention to whether they were able to reach the food without any problems.

I felt a little embarrassed due to my three pets showing some stress while によによ was visiting. I had been very busy interviewing people for my Cute Picos Wall post all morning; I hadn't yet had a chance to take any of them out for their daily walk. However, I assured her that I do take them out for fresh air everyday.

Now, many of you might think that her concern for our animals might be a little silly since our pets are "not real", but I agree with her that if you take on a Pico pet it is your Pico responsibility to feed them, take them out for fresh air and give them attention. Isn't that what you agreed to when you decided to adopt them from the Pet Farm?

I can honestly say I love my Pico pets. I love spending time with them and showing them off to my friends whenever any one of them learns new tricks. I feel like a proud mama! Sometimes I lock my room just to have alone time with them. You might think this is a little extreme, but who can blame me? They are adorably lovable!

My good friend によによ sent a letter to me awhile back and I would love to share it with you. After you read it, you can either agree or disagree with us. That is your right. However, keep in mind that if you don't have the intention of caring properly for a Pico pet, don't take on the responsibility. A Pico pet its not a decoration or a thing to make you look good. A pet is a companion for our avatars and requires time and attention.


Hello, I usually don't read blogs or journals, but I once found your blog and found it quiet interesting. I usually read Pico Perfect and Picostyle when I am free. I think you are a nice person and your blog is nice. Please keep the good work.

I also browsed some pico blogs but never found article about something that really matters to me: pets. Not just a blog post about an user and their cute pets, but about how they care about them. I've seen some hungry pets in the park while their owner is having fun with their friends with their AG stuffs - clothes and actions. Yet they don't want to spend some gummies to buy pet food. Is this a taboo matter? Why is nobody talking about this? Sure this is just a game, but it's still a life, a Pico life.

Imagine a scene of someone rich taking a walk with their pet,who is starving, you can see their bones from their skin..something like that. Though it's just a game, and pets can't die, the image is horrible. And what's worse? Some people steal pet food.

It really pissed me off when somebody rich tried to steal (or successfully stole) my pet food. I work hard to get those food. I love my pets. I bought them not for show-off. If I can't afford any food, I won't let them go outside. Today somebody visited my other account's room with her reverse panda, with zero mood and of course starving. I said, "feed your pet." I hope she just forgot to feed it. But what did I get? She said 'shut up, ugly.' Whoa, I know I'm ugly, but I wonder if she has a mirror? You have ugly heart, miss.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to read all this since you have lots of fans, but it's ok. Just by typing those letters makes me feel better. Seems that what matters in Pico is all about nice style, clothes and all. But for me, it's about how you treat your pets.

You can see the proof of that rude girl in my URL. And in case you're wondering, this account is my "pet feeder".

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