Tuesday, December 14, 2010

░ sweet_mom's
ChRiStMaS Tree ░

Today's CHRISTMAS TREE was beautifully decorated by my following Picos...

*TEDDY BEARS* (from Great Britain)   Sylvia =](from Malysia)  piishu (from Spain)
๑۩۞βєllє۞۩๑  (from The United States Of America)   우미BoA  (From Republic Of Korea)
♥ Polar Bear ♥  (From The United States of America)  TinyTing  (from Hong Kong)
☆☉°〖Sεп₪α〗°☉☆­ (from The Philippines)  ღZozOღ  (from Saudi Arabia) 
佬公:)  (from China)   SAYU - 紗雪 - (from Japan)  Rary Toto (from Indonesia)
Samuel- (from The United States Of America)


  1. nicee im here! ;) nice bloooog!

  2. sweet mom... that senna is copy cat.... not me T_T''