Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mingle With My Picos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

(PHOTO TAKEN IN ★ⓝaⓣaⓛiⓔpⓘnⓚu★'s  ROOM; From Thailand)

With Christmas Day almost here, the malls and department stores look like a jungle. It is funny and sad to see how people can easily get in an argument with someone else over the last toy they were looking for, "ALL THAT FRUSTRATION... is it really worth it?".

SOME ADVICE FROM sweet_mom: 
Why not give the people you love a gift that will last them a lifetime...
1. Love
2. Forgiveness
3. Understanding
4. Patience
5. Hugs and Kisses...... etc.  You get the idea ;)

My Pico Of The Day Is 大黒天 from Japan!

I went to Chloe's house in search of "that" VERY SPECIAL PICO, and without a doubt I found him there.
I sat at a table and from nowhere 大黒天 appeared. He sat with me and for a LOOONG time he shared his food with me until I was completely full. After we chat for a while, of course while holding hands ;)

Amazingly after we said goodbye to each other, he moved to the next table and repeated this wonderful act of kindness with another hungry Pico. 
"LoVe You 大黒天!"

CreamCaramel™ is as sweet as her name! At first what attracted me to her was how BEAUTIFUL she looked in her PINK dress. But after we he had a chat, I discovered that her PERSONALITYY was more beautiful than her pink dress :) We both took a picture together for our blogs. Make sure you visit her allkpop blog.

OMG, I saw the most beautiful SUGARY CUPCAKE EVEEER! Her name is Little Darby from
bibo pico blog. Her and her friend peach bi bo are the most Cutie Picotuties you will find in Pico :)

I think I am in LOVE.... just kidding. This is my good friend soudanshi 躁男子 from AMEBA PIGG.
It is always a great joy to see him. He is such the gentleman, always sooo SWEET and POLITE. And he's got a MUSTACHE.... YAY.... LOVE IT!

Last but not least, our friend  ゞ。◕‿◕。`嘉裕.かゆ♥  looks sooo COOL, I just had to take a picture :P
Noticed the BEAUTIFUL HUGE BLUE EYES.....awww ;)

Til tomorrow, save that gift wrapping paper, and give gifts that are wrapped in the HEART with a SMILE as a bow and taped together with HUGS :)

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  1. hi sweet_mom <3

    It's me, creamcaramel! ^^
    I just got my blog here .
    THANK YOU soo much for
    this entry. Love it! <3

    Have a beautiful day~
    Take care mommy! hehee.