Monday, January 24, 2011

It's A Small World

      AkAsHaDu (from Morocco) and ░☺♥bureche♥☺░ (from Lebanon)

"I know you are looking for a nice Japanese girlfriend, but just look at my beautiful smile, doesn't it melt your heart?"

                  *dian*moet* (from N/A), PoR_PaD ^0^" (from N/A)
                M.G*AK*→Choco♫ (from The United States of America)

"I hope my Prince Charming gets here soon with my glass slippers, my feet are already getting cold ."

                                   ゜:*:☽月の閃光☾:*:゜ (from N/A)

The white kitty leads the beautiful girl to the castle where she is supposed to be performing her horn and tambourine skills for the queen.

                                       nioZ _amiRJAaf (from N/A)

He carefully looks around in search of a special girl to offer his rose to and hopes that she will accept it.

                                    ۞BF۞ Harry (from Indonesia)

Armed with a bouquet of sunflowers, the handsome prince goes to ask for his lover's hand.

уσкι ѕкуωáℓкєя (from Korea, North) and _Maki_ (from Japan)

I knew I had seen you before! You came out in that PENELOPE (2006 Film) starring Christina Ricci.

                                    Darso Micallo (from Indonesia)

The ZORO from Indonesia is absolutely charming and mysterious. Looking into his eyes, your heart seems to suddenly stop.

                                    Reita_Gazette^ (from Indonesia)

Before his love left, she gave him a rose, he smells it and finds the smell of innocent love and beautiful tomorrows to come blended with the aroma of her gentle touch.

                             **♥S^A♥**Benk™ (from Indonesia)

They both wait patiently for their turn to play the horn, for sharing is always great especially among friends.

                                      ♣๑тнaea๑♣ (from Catalonia)

Her sweet and musical appearance attracts everyone around her, but once you get to know her better, you want to stay and be her friend.

                    悪魔アリガ (from Hong Kong) and アロイス (from N/A)

We cover our ears to the sound of hurtful words. Our ears were created only for the beautiful ones.

                      Your Momma (from The United States of America)

Her world turned upside-down when her beloved turtle decided to run away.

                                             Rin ♪ (from Canada)

Today's weather broadcast in Pico, Jelly-bean Rain with a few Cotton Candy clouds. He comes prepare to use his umbrella upside-down to collect all the sweets that will be falling from the sky.

                                        Sanji サンジ (from N/A)

"MEOW...Can you put some milk in my bowl please."

                             ❉ POTCHEE ❉ (from The Philippines)

She stands on the bench so she can get a better kiss from the sun on her already pink cheeks.


  1. Do you ever get sad that you're an adult running a Pico blog as a source of income? Or, just running a Pico blog? lol. I can just imagine you saying to your friends "Well, yeah, I run a blog for Ameba Pico!" Idk why I find that funny xD No offense.

  2. Anonymous, after a long day of hard work I like to sit back, relax and have some fun in Pico. It’s so cute. With the husband and kids all settled and taken care of I get some “me” time … and I choose to log on to Pico sometimes. I get to play games, collect Gummies and items, and chat to some pretty interesting people.

    Some people knit, collect stamps, make macramé, ballroom dance or a bunch of other things in their spare time. I, like millions of other people world-wide, blog about something positive that brings me enjoyment. I don’t spend my time looking for negativity in the world, as you may.

    I am very proud of my blog. It makes me happy and, fortunately, it makes others happy as well – which makes me happy. People of all ages play Pico. Yes, I’m an adult. And I like to think I am doing something good that people of any age can get enjoyment out of. Nothing you can say will make me be ashamed of that.

    If you don’t like what I do on this blog I strongly encourage you to not look at or read it. No offense.

  3. I have another question. Don't you think the majority of Pico users are really mean? Or...insecure? I mean honestly. LOTS of the users (girls) who are on this game are constantly looking for a "bf" or chances to have "smex". And many of them become mean and start cursing at you. I remember this one time I was talking friendly to a boy and this girl called me a "slut" for just talking friendly. There is just some rude people on this game. I mean, yes, there may be nice people who play this game, but many of them are rude, insecure kids. Do you think you'd ever let your kids play this game? Knowing all the things that go on?

  4. this is another anon, but doesn't your husband find it weird that u play pico in ur free time? O.o

  5. Dear Anonymous, since your questions are personal questions to sweet_mom and not related to these blog posts you are commenting on, please contact her in Pico (by letter or room post) to ask her. Thank you.

  6. Hmmm...this is another person. But it seems like sweet_mom got offended or wasn't prepared to answer this question. Lol. That anon talking about insecure girls is true. It's a touchy topic. And I want to know too. Would sweet_mom allow her children to play this game? Knowing the things that go on on Pico?

  7. @ Bored, please read the FAQ page for answers to your questions. Thanks. :-)