Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rooms, SWEET Rooms

miniteetha's ROOM

ROOM SIZE 16X16  (Room Found By Catero)

Once again I bring to you another great Christmas Room that Catero found for me this time.

Our good friend miniteetha had the perfect idea by creating a Santa Claus where we can actually sit on his lap to give him our Christmas gift list. I know Christmas is waaay over, but if Santa Claus is still around why not let him know what's on our minds, RIGHT? Who knows, he might still have some gifts left to pass around.

This room was so cleverly created that miniteetha included an elf that continues working towards next Christmas. At the entrance you will find the elf's working table and tools lying around the floor, so please do watch your step when you visit miniteetha's room.

Darso Micallo's ROOM


When I went to visit Darso Micallo to give him a ring, I found myself fascinated by his room. It is simple and yet it is so well put together that once I stepped foot in, I didn't want to leave.

The atmosphere was so peaceful that I actually fell asleep and that's how our friend Darso Micallo found me when he returned.

He patiently waited for me to wake up and after that, he made me feel very welcomed with his very friendly personality.

Sanji サンジ'S ROOM



PIZZA LOVERS, look what I found for you. A room with an amazing gigantic slice of pizza with all the toppings on it.

When I went to visit Sanji サンジ, I couldn't believe what was in front of my eyes. I immediately called Catero to help me finish this delicious slice of pizza, and as we all know Catero, when it comes to good food, he'll be there in a flash!

Our friend Sanji サンジ has a very nice eating area upstairs where I was hoping we could sit down and eat our pizza like civilized people, but Catero refused and suggested we should just go for it right there and then, so I had no choice and ended jumping in with him. :-P


Now believe it or not, after we finished gulping down the pizza, Catero was STILL hungry, so we proceeded to check out Room 2 with hopes of finding perhaps another slice.

We were so pleasantly surprised that in room 2 a gigantic sub sandwiches waiting for us.

Catero lost complete control and just started devouring this delicious sandwich without giving me a chance to take a bite of it. All I could do was stand behind him and watch how that gigantic sub was getting smaller and smaller with every bite he would take. After he was done with it, mayo was all over the floor and I had no choice but to stay behind to clean it up!

Basbosaaa ;)'s ROOM


And finally I present to you this CHARMING GIRLY room. Basbosaaa ;) has created the perfect little indoor garden where you can go with your friends and have a great time talking about boys and makeup ;)

Til next time remember that your room is just a room until you put love in it, than it becomes your home!


  1. Where do you buy your hair like that? It's so cute! I love your blog <3

  2. Both different wigs that I am wearing for this post, I purchased them Down Town, New York. I went today to check and they are not available at the moment. But don't worry, they'll probably bring them back again ;)