Friday, January 28, 2011

Making Life Bubiful

The morning greeted me with a wonderful surprise, our beautiful Bubiful from Australia started her own blog yesterday and in her very first post she has mention me and our blog. After reading her work, I have a feeling she'll do wonderful. Thank you so much Bubiful and best of luck to you!

Please visit her blog, Making Life Bubiful ... and don't forget to Follow her on Google Friend Connect to keep up-to-date with her posts!

Click to visit the Making Life Bubiful blog
Click to read Making Life Bubiful's first blog post


  1. How come she won't answer my question on whether or not she would let her kids play? lol. I get it tho. There's some rly nasty people on this game who cuss a lot and girls who want "smex" all the time.

  2. Thanks sweet_mom. You're so awesome X]I luv ya <33

  3. @ Bored, please read the FAQ page for answers to your questions. Thanks. :-)