Friday, January 28, 2011

The Throne

As you all know by now, there are beautiful Bath Room items available now for our rooms. It is wonderful that every Pico can have their own throne for their needs. Since the day Pico made these items available to us, me and my throne have gotten a break from the big line of people wanting to use my facility. It is time to say goodbye to my "SPECIAL CREATION" to make room for a new shiny-pink toilet!

When my good friend  auu.lollipop  from Indonesia visited me saying she needed to use my throne really badly. I had to run to show her the way since she seemed not to be able to hold it any longer. Once she was done, I could hear her cheer with joy...

"Watch out (Pause)
I am here (Pause)
and ready to use
sweet_mom's toilet seat
Oo! Ah! You wish you were a here!
Oo! Ah! You wish you were a here!"

After the cheer, she came out with a smile, thanked me and left. LOL, I never knew my throne could spark such explosion of joy!

Here are some letters/messages I received my Throne received.

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