Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mingle With My Picos

Yay!!! isn't life sooo WONDERFUL!

Don't ever be afraid to do the things you like to do for fear of what people might say. The people that don't like you, will only see what they want to see no matter how WONDERFUL you are. Do it for yourself, do it not to impress others or compete with others.... just do it because you REALLY WANT TO and because it will make you happy!

My Pico of the day is uevita!

As you know I love SKATING as much as I love DANCING so as I was practicing my fancy moves on the ice, I saw this cutie sliding on her butt across the skating rink. I stopped and noticed that she did not need ANY of those BOUGHT-SKATING ACTIONS to have fun. She was having the time of her life by doing what she calls "THE BUTT SLIDE". Once she told me how it was done, I too spent the rest of my day BUTT-SLIDING on the ice :)

Now, who needs those fancy skating-actions when you have a perfect butt to slide on the ice.... RIGHT?

Now our good friend Mcdlove got a real bad cramp on her leg from having skate all morning without a break. My dear Picos, you see what happens when you overdo it!

Mcdlove, you should had stopped for a while and smell the ICE... LOL :P

Oh Peggy, Peggy Hill, don't get mad, it was a joke. You know I was just joking when I said that you always carry toilet paper under your wigs... LoVe YoU GIRL :P

Til next time, go out there and BE HAPPY :)

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