Friday, January 7, 2011

sweet_mom's Pet?


On Tuesday, I logged on and had been standing in my room for a few seconds when I Pico appeared in my room and gave me a ring.

When Punk-Princess1 first walked into my room I had to do a double-take. Her face looked like sweet_mom's, but she dressed a little differently ... and I was pretty sure sweet_mom is not into punk music. She is an old school country music kinda gal.

Well, Punk-Princess1 stuck around; we had a little and I got to know Punk-Princess1 a bit better. I was impressed how polite she was. She asked me an odd question that made me chuckle (you'll see it and laugh too, I hope).

(12:53) Punk-Princess1: umm
(12:53) Punk-Princess1: hiare you sweet moms pet???
(12:53) Punk-Princess1: hi are*
(12:54) Catero: hello
(12:54) Punk-Princess1: hi
(12:54) Punk-Princess1: you work on that website dont you
(12:54) Catero: which?
(12:54) Punk-Princess1: pico perfect
(12:54) Catero: a little, yes
(12:54) Punk-Princess1: o my word
(12:54) Punk-Princess1: lol
(12:54) Punk-Princess1: kwl
(12:55) Punk-Princess1: i wish i was you
(12:55) Catero: you like it?
(12:55) Punk-Princess1: its the top of myb favourites list
(12:55) Punk-Princess1: my*
(12:55) Catero: your pico looks a little like sweet mom's
(12:55) Punk-Princess1: i no
(12:55) Catero: you like her that much?
(12:55) Punk-Princess1: her outfits are an insperation
(12:56) Punk-Princess1: i just had to copy it
(12:56) Catero: ok cool
(12:56) Punk-Princess1: add me
(12:56) Catero: how old are you?
(12:56) Punk-Princess1: well
(12:56) Punk-Princess1: im under 21
(12:56) Catero: i only add adults, punk princess
(12:56) Punk-Princess1: and i no you would not accept it
(12:56) Catero: i'm an adult
(12:56) Punk-Princess1: i no
(12:56) Punk-Princess1: lol
(12:57) Punk-Princess1: are you swet moms pet
(12:57) Catero: pet?
(12:57) Punk-Princess1: ya
[At this point in the conversation I did the Surprise action.]
(12:57) Punk-Princess1: some1 told
(12:57) Punk-Princess1: me
(12:57) Punk-Princess1: i cant remember who
(12:57) Catero: how can a person be a pet?
(12:57) Punk-Princess1: i know
(12:58) Punk-Princess1: some1 said because you where cat ears
(12:58) Catero: no. i am not a pet
(12:58) Punk-Princess1: they were random
(12:58) Punk-Princess1: lol
(12:59) Punk-Princess1: do you know when sweet mom comes online
(12:59) Catero: she is on my list. so, yes
(12:59) Punk-Princess1: oh
(12:59) Punk-Princess1: kwl
(12:59) Catero: do you have something you'd like to write for her blog?
(12:59) Punk-Princess1: before i go can take a photo of you
(13:00) Catero: yes. sure
(13:00) Punk-Princess1: thx
(13:00) Punk-Princess1: k
(13:00) Punk-Princess1: i got it
(13:00) Catero: yw
(13:00) Catero: can i ask you a question?
(13:00) Punk-Princess1: yeh
(13:00) Catero: what do you like most about sweet mom's blog?
(13:01) Punk-Princess1: her insperation to become
(13:01) Punk-Princess1: a person
(13:01) Punk-Princess1: who is kind and loving
(13:01) Catero: well, i will let herknow you said that
(13:01) Punk-Princess1: thank you
(13:01) Punk-Princess1: p.s
(13:01) Catero: can you leave her a nice note in her room?
(13:01) Punk-Princess1: kwl room
(13:02) Catero: thank you
(13:02) Punk-Princess1: yes of course
(13:02) Catero: hold on. let me feed you
(13:02) Catero: before you leave
(13:02) Punk-Princess1: thats how i found
(13:02) Punk-Princess1: youi saw your note
(13:02) Punk-Princess1: and i thought i recognised you
(13:02) Catero: ok cool :-)
(13:02) Catero: have some pie and cookies :-)
[I gave Punk-Princess1 some good eats that she didn't end up eating at all.]
(13:02) Punk-Princess1: anyway im off to write the note
(13:03) Punk-Princess1: althogh i have sent her one already and she has repyles
(13:03) Punk-Princess1: repyled
(13:03) Punk-Princess1: let me get her room
(13:03) Catero: ok
(13:03) Catero: bye, punk princess
(13:03) Punk-Princess1: bye
(13:03) Punk-Princess1: lovely meeting you
(13:03) Catero: nice meeting you too. you're a good kid

Punk-Princess did indeed leave sweet_mom a nice message. She even sent me a very gracious letter a few moments after she left my room.

I wish there were more young Picos who were so courteous.


  1. Yeah. I want that kind(s) of person which do not BACKFIGHT.


  2. She was really cute and polite about it. So ... no hard feelings. ;-)

  3. That was me- A few years ago- I am so embarassed at the amount of typo mistakes i made! I was attempting to quick type- never worked out<3