Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rooms, SWEET Rooms

So I decided to check out the HOT 30 ROOMS in Pico and started at the top of the list working my way down. This time I wanted to find a room that had that SPECIAL something that would make me go AHHH!

I went one by one until I got to Nitr00xide's room and what I discovered there almost knocked me out of my feet. To start with, as you enter his room you appear with a Jack-o-Lantern head wearing a freaky Santa's hat, very interesting I would say.

The GREAT discovery in this room are these two toilet seats that I found there. They are even better than the one I have. I am sure glad our friend Nitr00xide has provided his guest with this so needed facility. Of course I couldn't leave this room without sitting on one of these THRONES ;)


Now the second room is a beautiful WINTER WONDERLAND where the spirit of Christmas is still very alive. My favorite part of this room is the gigantic GINGERBREAD MAN and the delicious slice of cake that is just waiting to be devoured.

It is truly wonderful seeing that more Picos are adding "THRONES" (restrooms) to their rooms. This is definately something we should not go without, don't you agree?

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