Monday, February 7, 2011

A Poem by Zombie McQueen

Thanks to our friend Zombie McQueen for sending us this wonderful poem that we can all relate too.

Photo Credit: Photographer - Zombie McQueen

Gacha never gives me anything good
Just newbie clothes and x3 food
I want a Princess Dress real soon
Not firecrackers and crap balloons!

I don't want low-heeled pumps or blocks
Or hamburgers or dotted socks
The zip-up denim jacket just blows
A token? I rather *do* like those

But I just want that fluffy dress
Without it I'm in deep distress
The Classy Stylish Watch is such a bore
Oh, Gacha don't lead me on no more

No more, I say; no more, you tease
Just give me that puffy dress, oh, please

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