Monday, February 7, 2011

Pico's Most Interesting Looking Avatars of January 2011

In January I met ◄ѕριкє ► (owner of the ◄Brooklin Café ► room).

◄ѕριкє ► visited my room one day, only a few moments after I had logged in, to ask me if I knew ♡anna♡ very well (she appeared in my Fangirled in the Park post). I explained that I had just met her on that day and I have not seen her since. I hope you are well, ♡anna♡!

As we talked more, ◄ѕριкє ► mentioned that he makes Pico videos for his friends and many others. He even offered to make a Pico video for Pico Perfect ... even though he was busy making 30 videos for other people! Wow. How could we pass that up?

◄ѕριкє ► said all we needed to do was to tell him what we wanted a video made of and choose some music. Well, the music was never decided, but we did know what we wanted a video of: you.

Snapping photos as we went about our usual activities in Pico for 1 week, sweet_mom and I set off, scouring public areas in search of the "Most Interesting Looking Avatars" - Picos that had that unique and unmistakable je ne sais quoi quality. We discretely took 50 photos and sent them to ◄ѕριкє ► who very quickly turned them around into the video above: 50 Photos of Pico's Most Interesting Avatars (January 2011). Some of these avatars also appeared in sweet_mom's Its A Small World posts in January.

Thanks, ◄ѕριкє ►!
We also made our own video using our very basic Movie Maker skills. Check it out on the Pico Perfect YouTube channel.

Do you think that we should make "Most Interesting Looking Pico Avatars" a monthly video feature on the blog? Please comment and let us know.

Picos that appear (alphabetically) in the video are:
Intro:  chen.♥ profile quote
1. *asiaestrella*,
2. 。T a l a 。
3. [♥]Breezy[♥]
4. £ёi
5. § あんこ §
6. ☆。♏ίsα℃нαη。☆
7. ☆☉°〖Sεп₪α〗°☉☆
8. ☆Mint☆
9. ☆とらきち☆
10. ♡MONTEGA♪☆ and Bunny Boom.
11. ♣๑тнaea๑♣
12. ♥Sшiτ★Syara♥©
13. ♪Macaron♪
14. •вαвѕу•™
15. ۞۞.
16. ۞B|F۞ Harry
17. AGUST | ♛ⒾⓒⓅ♛\
18. Bsho
19. ceryy
20. ɢᴏʏᴀɴɢɪsᴀᴇᴋᴋɪ
21. Haiiwatha
22. Hargnn
23. LisaSmiss™JOJO and ♠Coo Coo♠
24. LisaSmiss™ROSA, LisaSmiss™AZUL, LisaSmiss™PEPE, LisaSmiss™LARA
25. Little Darby and peach bi bo
26. Lynne
27. M.G*AK*→Choco♫
28. Macy Leopard
30. nuizy
31. Nunasarang
32. omoshiroiKeiji
33. Onasu
34. OoPs...I Arted
35. Pippi ☆彡
36. po*po and エイウィ ╮(╯3╰)╭
37. Rayna Skye
38. Rex_A
39. Rockin-jiroジロー
40. Rαωя
41. Sabraa
42. Sango~
43. Sanji サンジ
44. Squrrel Bandit
45. Tippeln
46. wOndRgiRL
47. ぶるー☆ばーどぅ☆
48. ゅぅぁ♡
49. 仁~☆ and Candy blue☆
50. 北海道のおばちゃん

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