Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's A Small World

These are today's  most interesting/beautiful PICOS or MOMENTS I collected for you.

        Monomiscuous (from Singapore)                   ♥BAyBhie Gum♥

            大 神 (from Japan)                     ㊣珍珠奶茶㊣ (from Taiwan)

Left to Right;  Chiponcita (from Mexico), Rika Yoshioka (from Poland)
and Dera-chan (from Poland)

         ||-♡ICA♡-||™1¿ (from Catalonia)                ちょまお (from Japan)

                      $Hira - キヨヒラ (from Indonesia)  and  ✿PoP✿

            ♛ Sir Lello ♛ (from Central African Republic) and supercute♥

                        Hideto.                          *S^A*eMo_Kids™ (from Indonesia)

♥♣ Hyo-Ra ♦♠ (Korea, Republic of) and  ★Kazuカズヒロ★ (from Japan)

           。Magic 。(from USA)                      [FAO]sishi  (from Comoros)

PHOTO 1:  merlin :3 (from Indonesia) and ☼šuммέя☼ (from Cape Verde)
PHOTO 2:  akimotochiaki

                    ♠»ßôŠž¬♠zAp♣ツ (from Korea, Republic of) and Vamii

   kumagoro(from Japan)    ⓚⓗⓤⓝ™ ลู¶ชิด°© (from Senegal)

                  ☆★ⓢⓞⓛ~~ ℓρ☆★ (from Argentina) and jake Hartz

    カシュー XiN☀♬ (from Australia)          Zhang Fang* (from Indonesia)

                     Cabbage!                                     Ðaniel  (from Australia)

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