Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's A Small World

These are today’s most interesting/beautiful PICOS or MOMENTS I collected for you.


Hot Spring-   ⓚⓗⓤⓝ™ ลู¶ชิด°© (from Senegal)
ⓚⓗⓤⓝ™★kung★ (from Thailand)   นู๋_หลังŁขา ® (from Guinea)
Cold Spring (from Thailand)

         นู๋_หลังŁขา ® (from Guinea)                     κ○κỉ  (from Yemen)

PHOTO 1:   b e b e p (from Indonesia)  and  vbryan
PHOTO 2:   мochadoll  (from Italy)

        Puff X Nini ☆╮ (from Taiwan)                 kwangdai (from Canada)

             Apple Lolita (from Thailand)             ☆ Fassen ☆ (from Indonesia)

              MaiRie Étoile (from Japan)  and   MiaRi Étoile (from Japan)

            ★Fablєr★ (from Malaysia)                 hiro-mu  (from Great Britain)

                                 mei.w                                      オカン (from Japan)

          [ai de wi na] (from Malaysia)                       ふゆみ (from Japan)

PHOTO 1:  ☣Akira Zero☣ (from Japan)  and  Ramen Daisuki (from Australia)
PHOTO 2:  than'd (from Indonesia)

PHOTO 1:  YaSai︿* (ゝω´・) (from Japan) and -¤||ŶÛÛĶĨ||¤- (from Republic of Korea)
PHOTO 2:  mei.w

PHOTO 1: ミカちゃん (from USA)  and  ❉ Ekin c ❉ ❉ ❉ (from Greece)
PHOTO 2: Micchy

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