Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Slots Mania!

Written by: ѕнαуиα♪

As you may have seen last week on the official blog, Pico has started a campaign for slots, once again. Slot players will get 5 times as much Casino Cash (C$) than usual!

With this campaign, not only will you have more Casino Cash than normal, you'll be able to buy more stuff with the C$ you earn!

This will be the second time that Pico has started this campaign ... and will most likely be doing it for a third time in the future.

This campaign is for a limited time and will not be on Pico forever! There are only a couple more days to take advantage of the x5 slots .... so hurry-hurry. Get down over to the Casino and start playing slots!

Maybe YOU could be a jackpot winner and get yourself a rare white tiger!

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