Monday, February 21, 2011

The Pyramid Tower

Once again I decide to look for that special event, and this is what I found ...

An amazing pyramid that obviously took JunJoe forever to put up together for us to enjoy.
Climbing all the way to the top was the easy part, getting to sit on the throne that was placed at the top is what caused all hell to break loose. Strangely, this funfilled creation brought out the worst in some people.... LOL!

(My commentary is in orange and looks like this.)
--- You have moved to Super Spiral Orange Tower
(19:19) Kiesha.: wow!
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: WHOO WHOOO!
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: >:D
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: OFF
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: NOW
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: OFF
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: :D
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: OFF
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: NOW
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: >:O
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: xD
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: can you please get off
(19:21) Natalie♥(:: -________________-
(19:22) beverly bieber: thats alot
(19:22) Zo Bear: *silence*
(19:22) νιєтαиgєℓ: ejkfvisdnvio
(19:22) beverly bieber: peace i am out
(19:23) νιєтαиgєℓ: LALALALALALALALA
[Zo Bear is sitting on the throne and ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆ sits on top of her, trapping her down]
(19:23) Zo Bear: Get off!\
(19:23) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: grr
(19:23) Zo Bear: ROARRRR
(19:23) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: Get off!
(19:23) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: ROAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!11
(19:23) Zo Bear: GET OFFF
(19:23) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: GET
(19:23) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: OFF
(19:23) Zo Bear: U
(19:23) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: GETT OFF GET OFF GET OFF
(19:23) Zo Bear: GET OFF OF ME
(19:24) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: U GET OFF
(19:24) Zo Bear: NO U
(19:24) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: NO
(19:24) Zo Bear: NO
(19:24) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: ROAR
(19:24) sweet_mom: plz be nice :)
(19:24) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: -GROWLS-
(19:24) Zo Bear: *BITES*
(19:24) Zo Bear: *BARKS*
(19:24) Zo Bear: GRRRRRRRRRRR
(19:25) Zo Bear: ROARRRRRRRRRR
(19:25) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: *BITES*
(19:25) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: *GROWLS
(19:25) Zo Bear: AHHHHHH
(19:25) sweet_mom: can i sit plz
(19:25) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: *KICKS*
(19:25) Zo Bear: LOL
(19:25) Zo Bear: XD
(19:25) sweet_mom: for a picture
(19:25) Zo Bear: NO
(19:25) sweet_mom: plz
(19:25) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: *SLAPS*
(19:25) Zo Bear: hmmmmmmmmmmm.
(19:25) Zo Bear: NO
(19:25) sweet_mom: plz
(19:25) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: IF SHE GETS OFF I'LL GET OFF
(19:25) Zo Bear: *SLAPS BACk*
(19:26) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: *PUNCHES*
[At this point both girls decide to move to give me a chance to sit on the throne]

(19:26) Zo Bear: : /
(19:26) Zo Bear: AHHH
(19:26) sweet_mom: thank you
(19:26) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: MWAA AHHH HAAAAAA
(19:26) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: Yw
(19:26) sweet_mom: both
(19:26) Zo Bear: >:O
(19:26) sweet_mom: thank you
(19:27) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: >:D
(19:27) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: >:DDDD
[Here I noticed that our friend Zo Bear is new to Pico]
(19:27) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: >:)
(19:27) Zo Bear: >:(
(19:27) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: :)
(19:27) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: roar
(19:28) Zo Bear: XD
(19:28) sweet_mom: zo u r new?
(19:28) Zo Bear: yES
(19:28) sweet_mom: omg
(19:28) Zo Bear: XD
(19:28) sweet_mom: welcome
(19:28) sweet_mom: to pico
(19:28) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: WELCOMEEEEEE
(19:28) Zo Bear: XD
(19:28) Zo Bear: thanks
(19:28) sweet_mom: have a wonderful time
(19:29) Zo Bear: AHHH
(19:29) Zo Bear: XD

(From left to right: ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆, Zo Bear, Natalie♥, beverly bieber and νιєтαиgєℓ)

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