Sunday, April 3, 2011

Angel of the Jewel



Angel lovers, put your black hats on and head to our friend Ryukie's place to meet with the Guardian Angel of the jewel in room3. I have no idea how long this room has been around, but I do consider this angelic room sort of a classic and therefore it will never be considered too old to be featured in our blog.

As an angel lover (I collect angel figurines), when I discovered this room yesterday I went totally crazy about it and couldn't wait to take a picture next to the angel that inhabits this room.

The angel stands in the water while lovingly contemplates at the lustrous jewel that she so delicately holds on her hands. She seems to be lost in a daze of aweness for she doesn't seem to be distracted by anything.

Perhaps she hold in her hands the jewel that possesses a powerful light to rekindle the hearts of humanity to end all the violence and hate in the world. Whatever the case, this must be a very special jewel and I wonder if its the same one that Catman was guarding from Bittersweet Woman.



Before you can meet with "the angel" in room 3, you must make your way through the first room. In this first room you will find an amazing stage for concerts equipped with all the instruments you can possible need for a great musical performance. And if you feel hungry, do not worry, on the second floor you will find an open eating area where any concert from below can be also enjoyed.



Now this second room has been well composed in a mellow theme. I love the beautiful contrast the three main colors (brown, blue and green) create. This room its as amazing as the 3rd room and it offers the perfect getaway from all the turbulent hassles in our Pico lives. I might just had found a new place to go when I am in great need of relaxation and quietness.

Our friend Ryukie also has a fourth room which I didn't include here since it seems to be a work on progress. I can't wait to see what amazing thing she will be creating.

Please take a few minutes to visit Ryukie's room and enjoy her amazing creations. Just don't forget to ring her and post her a nice message congratulating her on her amazing rooms.

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