Thursday, February 3, 2011

Catman and Bittersweet Woman

Story inspired by 朝田龍太郎's room

When darkness falls and Pico sleeps Catero Catman appears. He roams in the dark to fight the Pico villains. The Scammer and Cheater. Dark Trouble maker, The Evil Body Snatcher and Cute Content Thief. Still, all of them comes to second, when his worst enemy sweet_mom I mean Bittersweet Woman appears.

She heard of the enormous diamond that is being kept at the Pico City Hall and she wants to get her hands on it. He stands strong blocking the way and sword to protect the shiny stone from the "sweet"-looking villain.

Bittersweet Woman tries to get past Catman, but he is determined not to let her get her way. They go into battle instantly. He uses his martial arts skills, however she tries to beat him with her bear hugs.

Somehow Bittersweet Woman manages to slip by and gets to the stone. Catman yells at the top of his lungs, "You better run ... because here I come!"

The dark villainess gets away - fortunately without the stone. Our hero chases after her, knowing he must bring Bittersweet Woman down. Once again she goes for a deathly bear hug, but he is just too quick for her.

Realizing that the her special most doesn't work on him, so Bittersweet Woman goes for a kick; sending her rival flying into the air almost like a "flying Cat".

The pair chase each other to the top of the building. Bittersweet Woman slips and almost falls, but Catman grabs her by the hand and pulls her back up, saving her life ... she wonders, "What's going on?"


Bittersweet Woman is so thankful for the kind action of her nemesis, while all he can do is think, "Why did I just do that? She's always kicking my butt! I should have let her fall!"

Still determined to walk away with ill-begotten goods, the wily woman sees a Golden Mushroom in the sky; turning to tell him, "You can keep the STONE, this mushroom is mine!"

The city's defender is not listening to her. He is still in shock. This was his opportunity to get rid of her, and instead he saved her life. "WHAT A GOOFBALL!"

Catman sits to rest knowing that the STONE is safe. Bittersweet Woman sees her chance to finally give him her special move - the bear hug. Poor guy now he is stuck putting up with her. Why did he had to go and save her life?

Now that they are friends, they sit side by side. She'll be giving him alot of hugs and he'll be always regretting wasting the golden opportunity that only comes once in a life time.... getting rid of sweet_mom Bittersweet Woman.

Pico City, goodnight ...

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