Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cute Picos Wall

Great news, the Cute Picos Wall is coming back to Pico Perfect. This is a project I started back in my days when I was a writer for Picostyle Blog and it's very dear to me. The wall gives you a chance to better get to know our Pico community members in a more personal matter.

georgas girl

COUNTRY: England
JOINED PICO: I joined Pico long time ago (can't remember the date)

ABOUT ME: I like looking at Pico Perfect Blog and watching TV! I also like playing on the laptop and talking to my best mates <3

MY PICO LIFE: I have been picked on quite alot. But I don't judge anyone. they can have a second chance and they all have their reasons. I really like pico! I love making new friends and hanging out with my friends at Edo for ninja training.

WHAT I WANT IN PICO: I would like Pico to bring England or India, that would be nice. Maybe The Taj Mahal or something similar. Super hero outfits would be great too if they were made available to us!. Not have so many things costing gold and more things available with gummies.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: I don't like bullies and people that don't help you.

Everyone is different. Don't judge them because the country they come from or their gender. Some people may consider my pico to be "ugly" but just because of that, doesn't mean that I would be a bad person... thank you.


JOINED PICO: April 14, 2010

ABOUT ME: I'm just simple! I don't like expensive stuffs like the other Picos do.

MY PICO LIFE: I like Pico because when I'm lonely or sad and I logged in, I'm feeling favorite thing in Pico is making new friends.

WHAT I WANT IN PICO: I would like more actions, like cooking xD

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: I don't like it when Pico its under maintenance, but I know its because they are making new items.

"Life is like a coin, you can spend it anyway you wish, but you can only spend it once"


COUNTRY: Philippines
JOINED PICO: Sometime last year, 2010

ABOUT ME: I am just a simple teenage girl. I love to play volleyball and listen to my favorite music on my iPod. I also love hanging out with my friends (both in Pico and real)
I am a cheerful and happy-go-lucky gal but when it comes to studies, I am really serious and studying hard to make my parents happy.
I am also a book nerd, I love to read books like Full House. 4 Minute is my favorite KPOP girl group. I love vanilla-flavored ice cream and hersheys' chocolate. I also like fashion!

MY PICO LIFE: Pico is my life! What I am on Pico, is what I am in real. What I love about it the most is that I can make new friends and communicate with them! And I can wear gorgeous outfits that I couldn't afford in real. I can also decorate my own room the way I want
And I also love Pico because my friends are really the best! They are so nice, helpful and very supportive just like you, Catero, Sweets* and Peggy Hill. I was so lucky to meet the three of you! :-)

WHAT I WANT IN PICO: I hope Ameba Pico would release a trading system on Pico World. Instead of buying a new item, why don't we just swap things with the other Picos with the things we don't like that much? ;-) I would also like to see new colorful hiphop outfits that can be purchase by gummies.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: What I don't like about Pico the most is that, almost all of the items here can only be purchased by AG. Not all of us have AG, so to be fair with everyone, Ameba Pico please, we need some clothes and accessories that can be bought by gummies, gummies and gummies.

Hi sweets,
I never thought that we will be friends like this. I know we're not that close and don't talk to much, but I'm really grateful that I met you. and you are so nice to all picos! you're children must be so proud of you for you are their best MOM in the whole world. :-)

Thank you to this week's "cute Picos".

Cute Picos Wall is by request only.


  1. hi sweets!
    thank you for the opportunity you gave me to be one of your cute picos wall. i'm so glad. :-)

  2. Hello... I was wondering if I could be interviewed, also, thank you for coming to my house!

  3. I love ur blog! It love how it teaches me something new everyday, and how to be a better person! Thx :D


  4. Hi Sweets*! I really love your posts!!! I wanted to make a blog...but I don't know how :D anyway I'm just a kid :D