Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yesterday morning, as I logged in, I decided to visit one of the Tagalog Parks hoping to forget the sadness that my little Pico's heart was carrying. Quiting Pico was on my mind and I was debating the pros and cons about staying. I bet many of you have felt this way at least once so I know you can relate to me.

Thankfully I met Gergaji from Indonesia that without him knowing, helped me in making the right decision. Staying was the best.. and there was no doubt about it.

As soon as he approached me, his sweetness showed. He is a very polite young man and I noticed that he treats people respectfully and kindly. He sat with me and we talked for a while. All the time he showed interest in what I had to say and soon the feeling of lonlyness slowly started disappearing from my heart and right there and then I knew... this is where I belong... Pico!

My dear friends, if you ever notice a Pico that seems to be sad don't hesitate to give them a kind word, spend some time with them, let them feel that they are special by showing interest in what they have to say. Try to cheer them up. It takes so little from you but it might make a world of difference to them.

Gergaji have a wonderful Pico life!

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  1. I just HAD to go to his house and leave him a note.It'd be a tragedy is there was one less PicoPerfect team member.

    We ALLLLLLL love you.♥