Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Discrimination Awareness Week


The "woof woof"incident

Not too long ago, while visiting one of the park rooms with Catero and we were relaxing at one of the tables. I suddenly started noticing an unpleasant situation unfolding before my eyes. Catero by then had announced he had to leave but I chose to stay behind, I really wanted to see where this situation was heading.

It started this way ...

A boy was sitting alone on a bench and was approached by a friendly girl that says "hi" to him. He very rudely responded to her, " What do you want, dog?". I could sense she was shocked with his reply. She very calmly asked him why was he being so rude. He continued with a "Woof, woof. Go away, dog", but the friendly girl stayed. Many of us would had left at this point, however she remained and very politely demanded and explanation for his rudeness. Not surprisingly, he continued to be disrespectful to this poor girl that dared to say hi to him.

At this point I had enough of this rude boy and mean behavior toward this nice girl. I got up and walked up to him and asked him what was the reason he was he being so mean to this girl when all she did was greet him politely? His response almost made me fall off my feet.

Very arrogantly the ill-mannered boy said to me that this was the only way that Indonesian people should be treated because they were dumb and stupid. I couldn't believe his response and felt very angry. Not only was he insulting a country and its beautiful people, but I also took it as an insult to all humanity. We all come from different places, so where does his opinion of how cultured or not any country is end?

Keeping calm, I tried to put some sense into this boy. We argues back and forth for some time, both standing firm in our arguments (but we all know I was right ;) ). In the end, I can't say 100% sure if I really got through him, but I did get him to apologised to the girl before we all went our separate ways.

My dear Picos, keep in mind that when you talk bad about another country and its people all you are doing is making your own look bad ... think about it. ;)

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  1. *apologize
    I think thats true, saying bad things about another country also effects you in a way.
    God told us that we are all Brothers and Sisters so if this girl was our sister aren't we part Indonesian then??