Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heart Rock New Items

The Heart Rock Studs Casquette that Paul is now selling at the Hard Rock Live Room for 130/AG has to be one of the coolest thing you can add to you wardrobe. He also has in his inventory the new
Heart Rock Head Band for 100AG/ 1Token, both in red or pink.

On the other hand, Mike has on his corner the new Heart Metal Microphone for 120AG/ 1 Token and they come in both red or pink and a larger variety of Heart Rock Studio Wall in case you want to change your personal night club. These new walls are available in four different colors; white, red, pink and black. Unfortunately the price for these new walls, in my opinion it's pretty high 220AG each.

However the thing that caught my eye in Mike's Shop was the Dramatic Dance that goes for 150AG. I've noticed that this new action isn't listed as "NEW", I wonder how long its been around and I so carelessly had over looked it.

Now I can not wait to see my dance partner  ۞»Pro«۞frans♂ who never lets me down when I ask him to take me dancing. ;)


  1. why is there a chain hanging from his lip?

  2. About the dramatic dance's gone after their update for the Sakura Room. I think it's an accidental release, like a leakage or something, that's why they removed it immediately from the shop, however removing it completely in the entire game would cause a great hysteria for those who already bought it, since it's sold in pure ameba gold, so they let the action stay in their action panel, kinda unfair really.