Friday, April 1, 2011

Pigg wigs

Yes, Ameba Pigg (Pico's older Japanese counterpart) is very similar to Pico ... but rocks it in so many ways. Pigg has an addictive fishing game, public rooms galore, and more fashion, furniture and accessories than you can shake a stick at.

But don't despair, Picos! We're still catching up. Pigg is older, after all. Many of the rooms and products we see in Pico were launched in Pigg first. Pets in New Zealand, Pico Casino, and the Hawaii, Japan and France travel rooms all started in Pigg.

There are many similarities ... yet many differences.

One area that I wish Pico would catch up very soon is wigs.

When I'm spending time gambling my C$ away in the Pigg Casino (always hoping for the jackpot) or hanging out in the many parks in search of props, or enjoying the relaxation of  fishing I often see Piggs with extraordinary hair.

As I was leisurely going about my Pigg life, if I would see someone with an interesting wig, I would take a photo. I'll share them with you.

Since I don't know the names, I'll just give them my own names. ^^

Low side ponytail

There are styles in Pigg that have already crossed over into Pico, like the Gorgeous Side Ponytail with Rose Accessory shown above. The color choices we have in Pico are limited to a dirty blonde, a butter blond and a blueish-black. In Pigg, they've got dark brown and auburn. C'mon Pico, give us more color options.

Crimped topside ponytail (left), traditional ponytail (middle, right)

The Pico management has been holding out on you, yes. There are many other ponytail styles on the other side.

French curls

Though I must admit that I'm not a fan of the 19th century style of powdered wigs with tight French curls, I can see this flamboyant style being a lot of fun and a great novelty costume piece.

Messy rock star (left), Edward Scissorhands special (middle x2), pirate dreadlocks (right)

From what I have seen, there is definitely more of a selection of wigs for girl Piggs in comparison to boy Piggs. I think we can all testify that this is the same in Pico. The styles that I have seen grace the heads of indie rock band members the world over.

Cascading half-up/down prom hair

Of course, there are styles that suit female rock divas too ... one's that won't look too out of place after some energetic head bopping. Hmmm ... I wonder how many extension pieces are in there.

Messy top bun

For the most part the hair pieces I see in Pigg are relaxed and casual; styles you might see or have in your every day life - straight, wavy, curly, crimped.

Wavy hair with a braided crown

Just as in Pico, many Pigg players jazz up their wigs with hair decorations. There is certainly a big selection of hair accessories in Pigg.

Wavy with wispy bangs (right)

Whatever your style, there's probably a wig in Pigg that suits you. Unfortunately, they cost Ameba Gold (called "ameGold" in Pigg) and don't allow Token use. This is why we need to rally together and petition the Ameba Pigg admins to give us the same stuffs in Pico ... where at least we can fill out surveys with fake info to earn Gold.

Wiggin' out!
Before I close off, here's a short hair rant. Pun intended.

Dear Pico, the unisex Wild & Short Hair Style [1] [2] that is the only "party wig" for boy Picos is just not cutting it. Yes, pun intended again.

Maybe there are some out there who really like it. Great. Please offer some other styles for those - like me - who think looks a bit too much like a bad (and very conspicuous) toupee.

Have a hairy Pico life! Wait. That doesn't sound right. Just have a happy one.


  1. I love this post. I play Pigg, and I msut admit it is WAY better than Pico in more ways than not, but it ruins Pico in a sense. The France areas came out, and my friends are freakin out, and I'm like, "Been there done that." All AG items are more expensive on Pigg than they would be on Pico. I totally agree with everyone who wants to be updated with Pigg every time Pigg gets and update. (Plus, I want to fish!)

  2. I love these wigs! Pico wigs seem boring now :P

  3. PiePanda and Ayuhime, thanks! Sometimes the grass seems greener on the other side. But there are cool aspects of Pico that aren't in Pigg (example: almost everything in Pigg is purchasable with AG).

    Anyways, don't forget to log in and get some cute hometown tees (I have a feeling Ayuhime will like the Kyoto one).