Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cute Picos Wall


COUNTRY: Thailand
JOINED PICO: I joined pico: Around april 2009

ABOUT ME: I like drawing and playing ameba pico in my spare time I would watch TV or read some books sometime I cook or bakes food with my family and friend,my talent is drawing,reading,and baking cakes.

MY PICO LIFE: I like all the furnitures and cloths in ameba pico and sometimes i hang out with my friend, my favorite things about pico is the pets its just so cute but I didn't buy one because it really waste my gold...

WHAT I WANT IN PICO: I want to see some cowboy or cowgirl stuff and some horses to ride, cause that would be so awesome and I also would like some traditional costume for each country.

WHAT I DON’T LIKE: I don't like the bullies in Pico and I also don't like that most of the nice stuff in Pico is sell in AG

Thank you very much for posting about me ^.^


Country:  United States of America
JOINED PICO:  July 2010

ABOUT ME: I'm Ramie, I love cats and want to move to Canada. My favorite bands are Paramore, Weezer, and City&Colour. :D

MY PICO LIFE: I like to chat with my friends in Pico, usually in their rooms, or we just randomly stay in an unknown person's room for a long time xD When no ones on, I go to The High School Room or Japanese Park #1. I love changing my look, meeting people, and buying things.

WHAT I WANT IN PICO: New clothes that are available in gummies and tokens, a Mexico [: and Pink hair :D

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: I hate how some people are so concerned about appearances. Yes, I do joke around sometimes, but not where I mean it. I also hate that everything is Gold D:

FINAL WORDS: "Today you are you, and that is truer than true, there is no one alive that is you-er than you." Dr. Suess." Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened." Dr Suess


JOINED PICO: 2010 (don't remember the month)

ABOUT ME: I like to draw comics and play Ameba Pico. I also like bunnies

MY PICO LIFE: What I like in Ameba Pico are floating blocks (stairs) and the Ninja Quest (I am almost done!)

WHAT I WANT IN PICO:  I would like to see an Olympic skating place (it's in Pigg!)

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: I don't like Server Maintenance. bullies and all harmful stuff

Time flies by

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